The Bayou

Witches of 5 points 2Sacred Marks Lie Beneath The Skin

Magic is powerful in any culture or religion. Rumors of witchcraft being performed in this strange place have existed before history books were even written. And there’s a new
queen in town.

An old African voodoo priestess, Lady Acacia, has spent her afterlife searching for evil that she can possess. Her spirit lingered in Louisiana around the time of Marie Laveau and Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and she’s even more powerful now that the witches conjured her to the Bayou.

It’s a place where the veil between life and death is almost nonexistent. The smell of the swamp will invade your nostrils, and the eerie presence of the Shadows lay heavily behind you…well those of ya’ll dumb ‘nuff to try your luck in the house that voodoo built. Those pricks ya’ll feel on your skin may just be comin’ from a pin in that shack buried deep in the woods.

Those old witches thought they’s powerful ‘nuff to handle bringing Lady Acacia about. Now they bide their time under her spell. Won’t you join us? Your magical trip through the Bayou will be unforgettable. Believe it.