Blood Moon Haunted Farmhouse

Blood Moon Farm HouseFear is Here

After the “Night of Blood” massacre and the prison farm was closed for good, this farmhouse was built as the main home of Edmond and Claire Blackburne, a young farmer and his wife. The Blackburne’s had four children when they moved into their newly constructed home.

They soon learned that the house was built on the property of the prison farm’s graveyard where literally dozens of inmates were buried. Upon further research, Edmond began to suspect that the prisoner’s were not all insane but hopelessly possessed.

Many menacing events happened to the Blackburne’s in their own home. Two of his children became so ill that he feared for their lives and no doctor could even begin to explain the markings and scratches that appeared on his young children’s bodies. His wife, Claire, was actually picked up by her hair and flung down the basement steps, suffering many injuries.

Perhaps the most terrifying event happened one night when Edmond’s twelve-year-old daughter began to speak in an unearthly voice and her bed levitated well above its floor. Edmond knew that without help his family would perish so he sought the help of a local priest. An exorcism was performed not only on his daughter, but on the entire home and its contents. When the local priest came back to check on the Blackburne’s there was no one is sight but all of their possessions remain still in their place. No one ever heard from the Blackburne’s again.