Farmer Swine’s Slaughterhouse

slaughterhouseYour Meat is Our Business

This location was where the pigs and cows would be slaughtered to feed the hundreds of prisoners of the insane prison farm. Much butchery took place here and not just of the farm animals.

A farmer was brought in from a farm in Columbiana, Ohio to do the slaughtering. His actual name was Arthur Swine. Farmer Swine was even more crazy and bloodthirsty than the prisoners. It is said that Farmer Swine had a collection of 80 hands and 80 feet and who knows what happened to all of the bodies.

It is said that Farmer Swine would butcher these unlucky souls and feed them to the unsuspecting inmates and prison workers. Arthur Swine’s luck ran out one day when an inmate he intended to butcher broke free, turned the ax on good ol’ Farmer Swine and then dragged his bleeding carcass 50 feet to hang him from a thick tree branch on the farm.

Journals were found in the Butcher’s things that detailed the brutal and cannibalistic killings of 40 prisoners over the 20 years Farmer Swine worked at Blood Moon Farms.