PhobiaIt’s Just Not In Your Mind Anymore

Arachnophobia—Abnormal or pathological fear of spiders.

Ophidiophobia—Fear of snakes.

Pupaphobia—Fear of puppets and ventriloquist dummies.

Apiphobia—Fear of being stung by angry bees.

Latrophobia—Fear of doctors.

There are literally thousands and thousands of phobias. The fear of darkness, fear of small spaces, fear of clowns, fear of balloons. The list goes on and on. You will be confronted with a lot at Blood Moon Farm in the other dimensions but nothing will have you facing all of your fears at once.

This is the true test of courage. Are you afraid of snakes? Come and touch a live one! Spiders? Don’t worry, they won’t bite. Much. And if you lose the friends you came with, your new friends in Phobia will keep you company. Forever!

Enjoy. I know we will.