primevilAncient Evil At It’s Purest

Evil has existed since the dawn of time. Sinister acts feed this primordial malevolence. Strange things, wicked things, have been known to happen since Blood Moon Farm was condemned on that fateful night so many years ago.

Even though every inch of the property is haunted and holds terrifying secrets, there are buildings that even the staff will not venture into or even approach. Primevil is exactly that kind of place. Only the bravest of souls is granted permission to enter this house of horrors.

There are warnings posted and word of mouth will spread. People will come and dare their loved ones to go through. But those who enter will not find it as easy to leave. You see, tempting fate always comes with a price. Do you have the courage to pay it?

Warning: THIS IS AN EXTREME LEVEL. We recommend souls to be advised that: You will be touched. You will have to crawl. No one who is pregnant, has a heart condition, seizure disorder, etc. is recommended.