Tingling Brothers Dark Circus

Tingling BrothersIt’s Scary What A Smile Can Hide

Freaks existed at Blood Moon Farms long before the county fairs of the 1800s. In fact, twin brothers who were inmates at the prison farm were infamous but not just for the heinous acts they committed. To evade authorities, the demented duo mutilated each other’s face. The final product of their knives was a sight so gruesome, so horrifying, they looked more like monsters than men.

They both had diamond shapes of blood where the skin used to be around their eyes and their mouths were ripped open all the way to their ears. They had perpetual smiles etched in blood and the final product was indescribable. Guard’s that patrolled the prison inmates nicknamed the twins the “Tingling Brothers,” because the sheer site of them sent shivers up his spine.

Ironically, many clown make-ups that are seen today resemble the outline of Tingling Brothers handy work. And for some reason, clowns are never in short supply at Blood Moon Farms. They are not the only freaks you will see in this dimension of Terror, either. There’s just something creepy about the circus, isn’t there? Step right up and see if you can survive ours.