The Witches of 5 Points

Witches of 5 points 2Evil Deeds….Done Dirt Cheap

This 5-sided building of the prison farm was used to house the female inmates, many of whom were imprisoned here because they had been arrested for acts of witchcraft. Prison workers were so terrified of the evil spells and incantations cast by these witches that they would leave the food for these prisoners outside the front door and run like hell.

These witches mysteriously remained untouched during the “Night of Blood” uprising that killed so many inmates. When the prison farm closed for good it is said that these women (witches) took up residence in between Vienna and Brookfield, Ohio at the junction of Five roads. It is here that teenagers go to this day for the thrill of what’s being conjured at 5 Points. Scream and you will hear the witches echo back.

But evil was summoned for so long on the prison farm in this dimension and evil dies hard. Do you have what it takes to tempt fate?