Joel 2:30: “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness. And the moon into blood, …”

The Legend of Blood Moon Farm

This is the third year since the resurrection of the “Night of Blood”. As you may have witnessed, many buildings on the fairgrounds property have come alive over the past two Octobers. From the terrifying prisoners in the Barn of Evil to the wicked clowns of Tingling Brothers’ Dark Circus to the hellish demons and ghouls of the Gateway, the Canfield Fairgrounds has been haunted by it’s dark past from all directions. That’s when the ghostly inhabitants of Blood Moon Farm came out to play.

Unfortunately, evil doesn’t play nice. After the “Night of Blood” ended last year, all hell broke loose. Demons and ghouls from each dimension rose from their graves to fight a war for control. Only one spirit can reign supreme, and the war isn’t over yet. Four hellish dimensions remain, locked in a struggle for power.

Farmer Swine’s Slaughterhouse is hanging on by a noose. The bloody victims of the evil farmer have come back to join the fight.They got their revenge on the farmer long ago, but his ghost remains as well. In light of the war, the farmer and the victims of his sadistic and cannibalistic ways put aside their differences to fight together, but will it be enough? The only thing anyone knows for certain is that a slaughter is coming.

Even though the Blackburne family went missing long ago, the entities that possess the Haunted Farmhouse are out in full force. They can take the shape of anything or anyone, including your worst nightmares. They’ll come crawling out of the shadows when you least expect it, disguised as clowns, dolls, demons, and more, and you’ll never see them coming. They feed on fear, and every terrified scream makes them stronger. Will they consume your fear, or your soul?

Hoping to gain the strength to fight the other ghouls, the Witches of Five Points conjured the most powerful soul they could. What could possibly be stronger than black magic, you ask? Voodoo, of course. The Voodoo Queen Lady Acacia answered their call in a blaze of fire. She agreed to join the war and fight for the witches, but at a grave price. After agreeing to fight, incantations began spewing from her mouth, enslaving everyone, including the Witches of Five Points, which transformed their home into a swampish hell called The Bayou. Will you be the next to fall under her spell?


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